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The Supreme Religious Authority: The Iraqi people gave and still giving a lot and its tender is crowned by defeating, burying and finishing the ISIL sedition, which needs a great loyalty.
Important Contents of the Sermon
  • our people lived in drama and tragedy for so long, their blood was constantly given as their main tender to this homeland.
  • This people was generous and did not spare anything even in the harshest situations.
  • Its tender is crowned by defeating, burying and finishing the ISIL sedition.
  • there are matters that we should be proud of, the nation that gives martyrs is a living nation
  • we must respect this blood and tender for the sustainability of the life
  • We must pay tribute this blood and these bodies, which are witnesses to what happened, and respecting the alive martyrs who are the wounded
  • The wounded, the martyrs and their families must remain in our minds
  • we have witnessed the utmost sacrifice and the redemption in these heroes who sacrificed their souls without waiting for reward or thanks, as their sacrifice was purely for the sake of God and this country, so we should not forget or ignore them
The supreme religious authority stresses the need to abide by the ethi
The supreme religious authority states that the fighters who participa
The Supreme religious authority renews its call to adhere to the princ
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