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For the Holy Shrines and Sanctuaries
Panorama Alkafeel
The Supreme Religious Authority: Public funds must be preserved and the illegal acquisition of property is a theft of people's money.
Important Contents of the Sermon
Text of the Sermon
  • The patriotism and the sense of responsibility, each according to its competence and the nature of his work.
  • To acquire the culture of good citizenship.
  • To respect laws and regulations that have been enacted for the general interests of the society, whether in the field of security, education, health, traffic, environment or municipalities, albeit at a cost and hardship, but it is for the interest of all.
  • It is necessary to preserve the public funds by the official or the employee or the citizen, as it is the property of all the people, and its disposal must take into account the public interest and benefit the rights of the community.
  • Resolving problems and disputes with others through peaceful means and through dialogue and understanding
  • The citizen should be keen to establish relations of affection, love and respect with others as well as cooperation with others
  • The person must love to others what he loves for himself and hates for others what he hates for himself: By respecting the elders, being merciful with the little ones in all public places or government departments or else.
  • Appreciation and respect for people who respectable and important jobs in the society
  • Preservation of environment and cleanliness