By Iraqi hand, EL-Abbas holy shrine factory for making windowed cages implements a windowed cage for Safy Safa holy shrine in Najaf

A piece of the windoed cage

The EL-Abbas holy shrine and the Secretariat-General of the Shiite holy shrines in Iraq started implementing the project of building a new windowed cage for the tomb of Safy Safa (p.b.u.h) in Najaf city.

This is the first time for the factory to build a windowed cage where windowed cages used to be imported from outside of Iraq. It is 3 meters wide, 4 meters long, 3 meters high. It’s consisted of 13 pieces in addition to the door of the windowed cage.
EL-Khafagy said, “We try to deliver a message that the work done in EL-Abbas holy shrine is achieved according to the international standards.”

It’s been mentioned that the purpose of establishing that factory was to suffice all needs of the EL-Abbas holy shrine and the other holy shrines in Iraq in addition to maintain them periodically.
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