Discovering the smallest viruses in the blood is an important service provided by Al-Kafeel Specialized Hospital.

Thanks to its device; Abbott Real Time PCR accredited by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the laboratory responsible for accrediting laboratory equipment, the laboratory department at Al Kafeel Specialized Hospital in Karbala provides tests for discovering the smallest viruses in the blood.
The laboratory department in the hospital, Dr. Zeinab Al-Ibrahimi, stated in a previous press interview that: "This technology is the first of its kind in Iraq, as it is a qualitative shift in the laboratory service provided by the hospital, and that this device is the most capable of detecting the smallest viruses in the blood.
And Al-Ibrahimi indicated that the cases diagnosed by the device include:
Viral Load (Hepatitis B) Analysis
Viral Load (Hepatitis C) Analysis
C (Genotyping) Viral Hepatitis Analysis
Pulmonary tuberculosis analysis (tuberculosis)
HIV analysis
High Risk Human Papilloma Virus Analysis
CMV analysis
EBV analysis

She added: "Comparative studies of the device were conducted with the rest of the devices, and these studies concluded that the (real time abbott) is the most accurate instrument in detecting hepatitis viruses, as well as it monitors the treatment of patients with these viruses and monitors disease progression and chronic solutions to viral infections.
It is worth noting that the hospital administration announced that (8815) surgical and laparoscopic procedures were performed during the past year (2019) with a success rate of 98% .The hospital also has operations halls that are distinguished by containing technologies comparable to those in developed country hospitals and they operate according to a system International quality (ISO).
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