Adding service and entertainment spaces to the al-‘Ameed University.

As part of its urban and development plan, the al-'Ameed University of the Department of Education and Higher Education at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, has recently completed works for the new student club and football stadium project.

These projects are considered as an essential complement to any university, so the student club was established, which replaced the old club with specifications according to the latest designs and modern decorations that suit all tastes, in addition to a recreational area adjacent to it.

As for the stadium, it is a five-a-side football field, and it was established on an area of ​​(22 x 42) meters with approved specifications and with industrial grass of a Dutch origin. A company specialized in making modern sport fields was the one supervising this project, after preparing the suitable place for it instead of the old field, to make it an entertaining place for students to play sports and other activities.

These service facilities were established to be an entertainment space for university students, and to create an appropriate atmosphere for them that would positively reflect on their scientific studies.
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