Significant professional efforts by the Transfer Vehicles Maintenance Unit.

There are many forms of services in the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, some of which are clearly visible to the visitor, and others are done in workshops and various sites that work for long hours in order to serve the visitors, and among these services are what the staff of the unit of maintenance of the transfer vehicle (cart) affiliated to the Division of the Visitor Transportation Service in the Service Affairs Department.
On the nature of the work of this unit, its official, Mr. Ihab Abdel-Redha told the Al-Kafeel network, saying: "The work of our unit includes maintenance of all transfer vehicles of the holy shrine of various kinds, whether the vehicles used in the holy shrine and the surrounding streets or those used in external sites."
He added, "The unit undertakes the maintenance of the transfer carts for transporting visitors, forklifts and vehicles used in cleaning and watering works, by performing blacksmithing and plumbing, in addition to welding, painting, seat wrapping, and electrical work."
He continued: "Many of the transfer carts may not have spare parts available in the country, so we do customization work from one cart to another, to give us the possibility of repair and maintenance."
He explained: "The employees of our unit work (14 hours) daily with two morning and evening shifts, while during the days of major Ziyarat the number of working hours increases. And we also have other tasks represented in the maintenance of other vehicles that do not work on the charging system, in addition to preparing a number of transfer cars for the transportation of Visitors and making them fast ambulances that contribute to the rescue of emergency cases from inside the old city.
He pointed out: "Some of our employees entered special courses to develop their professional skills outside Iraq in India and Iran, and they were carefully chosen according to the criteria of expertise and competence."
It is noteworthy that the Service Affairs Department at the Holy Shrine is one of the important and vital departments in it, as it provides direct service to visitors throughout the day.
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