A support unit north of Basra arrives to support the fighters stationed in the axis of the Salahuddin and Al-Hadar district.

The North Basra Unit for Logistical Support of the Relief and Support Division conducted a support convoy for the fighters stationed in the axis of the Salahuddin and Al-Hadar district, in continuation of its curriculum prepared for this purpose.

Mr. Munir Al-Maliki, head of North Basra unit, said: "The aid convoy reached the Hadar area of ​​the Ansar al-Marjaiya brigade / 44th brigade and the artillery battalion, to provide food and logistical aid to the fighters stationed there. After that, the convoy headed to the Samarra Island area, where the fighters of the popular mobilization are stationed on the front. "

Al-Maliki stated: "Our visit had the effect of sharpening momentum with its moral support, in addition to the material support it bore, where the heroes rejoiced meeting their brothers chanting slogans which show their fulfilment to continue the path."

Stressing: "We will remain on what we promised to our religious authority, and nothing deters us from continuing the road, and we will continue with the fighters in all districts, until the expulsion of everyone who wants to tamper with the security and safety of this country."

For their part, the fighters stationed in the visited military units were very grateful to the logistical support of the Relief Division in the Holy Shrine, for continuing their logistical and moral support that was not cut off from all the security forces and the popular mobilization, stressing that the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine is known by such initiatives in supporting the fighters since the issuance of the holy defense fatwa to this day.

It is noteworthy that the Division of Support and Relief of the Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine had recently intensified its presence in various operational districts, through its units and associated processions deployed in a number of governorates, providing its support to fighters from the security forces and the popular mobilization.
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