Al-Kafeel Hospital establishes an automatic sterilization gate

Since the spread of Corona virus, the al-Kafeel Specialized Hospital has taken many precautionary measures, according to the health guidelines and recommendations followed in other important hospitals, in order to preserve the safety of its patients, in addition to its medical, nursing, administrative and service employees, and among those measures that are implemented for the first time in such hospitals are the automatic sterilization gate through which any person entering or leaving the hospital is sterilized.
The gate, according to what the hospital administration indicated: "It is an open corridor on two sides (entry and exit), equipped with (30) sprinklers distributed over its internal area with special sensors, through which sterile material is dispersed and flowed to the person who passes automatically and according to certain proportions." .

It further indicated: "The material used is a highly effective substance for the elimination of germs and microbes, and is recommended by the World Health Organization and the Iraqi Ministry of Health. It has been used previously in the hospital and has proven successful and effective."
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