The staffs of the Abbas (peace be upon him) Fighting Squad complete the sterilization of a group of Karbala neighborhoods.

The staff of the Abbas (peace be upon him) Fighting Squad (Brigade 26 of popular mobilization) completed the sterilization of a new group from the neighborhoods of Karbala governorate within the participation of the squad in the major campaign of sterilization in the governorate to prevent from an outbreak of the Corona virus, in cooperation with the Directorate of Civil Defense in Karbala.

The areas that were recently sterilized are: Al-Gayer neighborhood, Qantara Al-Salam, Al-Madrasi Street, Shabanat, Hawlli Al-Gayer and Fariha area.

The media of the Squad said: The campaign is implemented for the fourth consecutive day in conjunction with the Crisis Cell and the Directorate of Civil Defense, where some of the citizens were also equipped with sterilization materials.
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