Khair Al-Joud CEO: Our products adopt international standards

Khair Al-Joud Company continues its production of sterilizers and disinfectants in order to supply the local markets with it, to cover the needs of citizens, especially those with low incomes, while maintaining the subsidized prices even after the prices of raw materials rise, due to the global situation due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.
The company was able during a record period to provide a number of products that match the specifications of the World Health Organization and the standardization and quality control device, which is characterized by its high control of viruses and germs.
The CEO of the company, Engineer Maitham Al-Bahdali, confirmed that: "Despite the circumstances the country is passing through in particular and the world in general, the company was able to overcome most obstacles and the work is still going on (24) hours."
Noting: "Khair Al-Joud's products are not only limited to sterilizers and antiseptics, but also include detergents of all kinds, within the approved specifications in the standardization and quality control apparatus."
Stressing: "The company's products that do not have standards in the standardization and quality control apparatus, we adopt international standards in production."
Noting: "Also, the company's laboratory for the agricultural sector is still in operation in providing fertilizers without any delay."
It is noteworthy that Khair Al-Joud Company provides through the concerned authorities in the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, sterilizers and disinfectants, free of charge to defuse the neighborhoods of the Karbala Governorate, as part of its campaign to combat the outbreak of the Corona virus.
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