Escalating work progress in the lobby project for the treatment of patients with corona in Al-Hindiya Hospital, and the completion rate reaches 90%.

The percentage of completion of works in the lobby project for the treatment of patients with Corona, which is implemented by the staffs of the Engineering Maintenance Department in the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, for the al-Hindiya General Hospital located in the south of Karbala Governorate, as a contribution and a humanitarian gesture to support the clinical capacity in the hospital, to receive emergency cases, with the possibility of using it in the usual circumstance as an integrated and supportive reanimation hall for what is in the hospital, reached 90%.
The resident engineer for the project, Karar Brihi, briefed the al-Kafeel Network him on the latest works of the project. Saying: "With the praise of God Almighty and the blessings of Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him), and with the determination and persistence of his servants derived from his chivalry (peace be upon him), these days have witnessed advanced rates of achievement in the building project that proceeds according to what is planned technically and temporally, despite all the difficulties that we faced at the beginning of the implementation of the project, because it was implemented on a concrete structure intended for another use that differs radically from what is currently being implemented, but the staff of the department was able to overcome them and reach this percentage of the achievement, and now the project's features has started to appear, and soon it will be operational, God willing. "
He added: "The work is carried out in a parallel manner and with an increasing frequency, and the remainder of them are:
- Fixing doors and windows, and its completion rate has reached 80%.
- Secondary roofing works with all its accessories, has reached 85%.
- Healthy cooling system works have reached 80%.
- Sanitary foundations works have reached more than 30%.
- Electricity works, installations, and wiring for their sockets and lighting, which have reached 90%.
- Building facade works that reached 30%.
- Starting to amend and cover the building's exterior corridors and entrances. "
"As an addition to the project and for the purpose of benefiting from this building in the future, after the end of Corona epidemic, God willing, separate cooling units will be installed for each room in the hall and its rooms," Brihi explained.
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