A modern technology owned by Al Kafeel Specialized Hospital speeds up the identification of tumors.

The Kafeel Specialized Hospital in Karbala has techniques that give fast and accurate results for the histological examination of cancerous diseases, which is the frozen section technique, while doctors working in the hospital confirmed that this technology is comparable to what exists in other countries.
The head of the histological examination unit in the hospital laboratory, Dr. Nizar Jabbar explained to the Al-Kafeel Network: "Our laboratories possess modern equipment and technologies in line with what is found in hospitals in developed countries, and we always strive for our services to be in conformity with international quality standards."
Jabbar added: "The most important thing that distinguishes our laboratories is that they have the frozen section technique for analyzing the tumor tissue and identifying the malignant or benign type of it." He explained: "This technique works to analyze the tumor biopsy and give the results to the surgeon while he is in the operations room." Within a maximum period of (20) minutes, and assist him in taking decisions in tumor removing operations. "
For his part, the pediatric surgeon at the hospital, Dr. Sarmad Al-Rubaie, stated: “The frozen section technique available in our hospital’s laboratories is very important, because it is quick in giving us the results while we are inside the operations hall to make the right decision regarding removing tumors.” He pointed out that: “This technology has a big role in colon paralysis and small intestine operations of babies, especially newborns, which require speedy procedures. "
Al-Rubaie added: “In previous years, the patient was subjected to a first operation to take a biopsy from the tumor, and a second operation to remove it after a period of time in the event that laboratory tests prove that it is (not benign), and this exposes the patient to complications from operations,” explaining that: “The technique has reduced many risks to Patient, as well as shorten time and money and their results are accurate. "
For his part, the hospital's brain surgeon, Turkish Doctor Mustafa Agkun, explained: "The technique (frozen section) is very important in brain tumor operations, it shows us the type of the tumor and its area of ​​spread, and it enables us to make a decision while we are inside the operations room regarding the tumor eradication", stating that: "The medical techniques available at the Kafeel Hospital in the field of brain surgery are similar to those available in Turkey's hospitals, and this is a major factor in the success of our operations."
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