More than a thousand attendees from inside and outside Iraq in the electronic workshop held by the Kafeel Center for Information Technology

The online workshop held by the Al-Kafeel Center for Information Technology, on video platforms and its role in holding group meetings, witnessed a great turnout, represented by the participation of more than a thousand attendees in it who are interested in e-learning, whether from inside or outside Iraq.
The director of the aforementioned center, Mr. Samer Al-Safi, explained to the al-Kafeel Network: “More than one thousand attendees participated in the workshop held yesterday by M. Wissam Ali Al-Khuza’i of the center, from those who are interested in the topic of video platforms and e-learning from inside and outside Iraq, and from all social strata whether they are University professors, teachers, students or interested in the field of e-learning.
Adding: "There was a remarkable and effective participation from various Arab countries, including: (Egypt - Libya - Lebanon - Arab Maghreb countries - Arab Gulf states).
Pointing out that: “There are good efforts made by the brothers in each of: the e-learning team in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research represented by the team coordinator, Prof. Dr. Amer Al-Amir, and the e-learning team in the Ministry of Education represented by Professor Mr. Wael Waheed Shafi to hold this workshop, indicating that the center will intend to hold an electronic workshop next week, God willing.
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