Commemorating the auspicious birthday of Fatimatul Zehra’ (peace be upon her)

El-Abbas holy shrine attends the festival of presenting prizes of the Zehra’ competition

Presenting prizes
May 1, 2013. Qamar Bani Hashim league held a festival on the occasion of the auspicious birthday of Fatimatul Zehra’ (peace be upon her) in Basra city to present prizes to those women who memorized Fadak speech of Fatimatul Zehra’ (peace be upon her) and the message of Imam El-Sadiq to his followers.

Representatives of the Imam Hussein and El-Abbas holy shrines attended the stately festival in addition to some scholars, researchers and politicians. Sayed Hashim, the deputy head of the Department of the Husseinian rituals said to Alkafeel Global Network that the festival considered one of the greatest festivals. He also mentioned that they would attend such important festivals in order to strengthen the liaisons between the cultural organizations and leagues in Iraq, also to encourage people to memorize the speeches of Ahlulbait (p.b.u.t).
768 participants took part, and 252 ones were the first.
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