The kidney transplant center in Al-Kafeel Hospital has high potentials and modern technologies.

The Kafeel Specialized Hospital in Karbala has an advanced kidney transplant center, accredited by the Ministry of Health and the Arab Council for Medical Specialization.
The kidney disease consultant at the hospital, Dr. Riyad Al-Sayegh, said: "Our center is accredited by the Iraqi Ministry of Health and the Arab Council for Medical Specializations, to train and teach postgraduate and board students with specialization in kidney disease and transplantation for adults and children."
Noting: "Here we can perform the tests and analyzes required by kidney transplant operations, and we have all the capabilities of this type of operation from devices, technologies and the special operations hall, as well as providing isolation rooms for transplant patients designed inside the operation hall, which are equipped with cameras, screens and technologies that enable the patient to communicate with His family outside the hall with sound and image.
And Dr. al-Sa'egh explained: "The nurse and the specialist doctor are the only ones allowed to enter the patient's isolation room, at the time of the examination and to give treatment to reduce contact with the patient after his immunity was inhibited."
Pointing out: "There are preparations required for the kidney transplant process, the first of which is to find a kidney donor with kidney tissue suitable for the patient's kidney, and the blood type must be appropriate, in addition to carrying out special transplant tests for the patient and donor, which include a kidney examination and a comprehensive blood count (CBC) examination and a function examination Kidney and blood type, as well as a diuresis test and an antibody test. "
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