A typical citrus farm in Karbala is a step towards the revival of citrus cultivation in the country

The al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has revived the cultivation of many crops in Karbala Governorate, and citrus fruits are among those agricultural crops that the staffs of the Agricultural Division of the Al-Kafeel General Investments Company worked on, which is a step towards reviving this economically beneficial aspect by providing local products, in addition to absorbing Manpower, in addition to investing local experiences in developing this sector.
On this step, the official of the Agriculture Division of the AlKafeel Company for Public Investments, Eng. Mustafa Hassan, stated: “After the decline in the cultivation of fruit trees in Karbala, including citrus fruits, the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine represented by the Division of Agriculture launched this initiative, to restore and multiply this type of trees that the city is famous for planting in earlier periods, so this blessed project is launched with great support from the administration of the Holy Shrine."
He added: "Al-Husayniyah region is one of the most important places where the ingredients of citrus cultivation are available, because it contains integrated elements for the success of this species, and we in turn have been keen on adopting the most feasible methods that give far-reaching results."
He continued: "The scientific methods that have proven results have been used in citrus cultivation, by relying on the fertilizers of Khair Al-Joud Company, which has proven its efficiency in a clear way on crops."
Hassan noted: "After our work on ornamental plants, we started another agricultural line, which is fruit trees, including citrus trees, which we were dependent on from the importer, but in small numbers due to the high costs, so we decided that the cultivation of these varieties within the al-Kafeel nurseries should be by providing their seeds. "
He remarked: "We have conducted many experiments and tests to reach the best results, and not only that, but our specialized staff were able to find varieties of developed seeds after they conducted experiments that led to outputs with high efficiency."
He explained: "Thus, the al-Kafeel nurseries group provided two types of citrus seeds, the first being the local one by which the city of Karbala is known, and the second is imported as it is known to not grow in our farms, but thanks to the scientific methods that we adopted in its cultivation we have produced clear positive results, and today, thank God, these trees are full of fruits after work and effort that lasted for more than two years, and we were able to supply the local market with citrus fruits of all kinds."
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