Starting the second phase of the Fourth Hayat Lobby project in Karbala

Today, Monday (22 Shawwal 1441 AH) corresponding to (15 June 2020), the works of the second phase of the Fourth Hayat Lobby Building project for the treatment of people afflicted by the Corona epidemic, which is implemented by the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine through the staff of its Engineering Maintenance Department for the benefit of the Karbala Health Department in the medical city of Imam Al-Hussein (peace be upon him) namely (Al-Zahraa Center for Internal Medicine) with an area of ​​(1000) square meters spread over two sections: individual lobbies, clinics and laboratories.
This is according to what was reported to the al-Kafeel global network, by the engineer residing of the project, Mohamed Mustafa Shaker Al-Taweel, who added: "The work is currently being carried out with morning and evening shifts, in order to complete the project within the necessary timings set for it, as well as the specifications and the prepared plans. The first and second stage are the basis from which the rest of the works will start respectively.
Al-Taweel explained: "The results of the final plans of the Lobby project will result in two parts:
The first section: It is a six consulting clinics with different specialties, with a sonar room and a radiology room of the same dimensions, a laboratory as well as a department management room and two bathrooms one for men and the other for women, in addition to a waiting hall.
The second section: It consists of (15) single rooms in addition to a bathroom, in addition to a room for doctors and a pharmacy, two separate rooms for nurses (men and women), a management and storing rooms, in addition to two dedicated rooms for medical staff, one for men and the other for women, in addition to two separate bathrooms.
Al-Taweel asserted: "All constructional health standards for establishing such facilities have been taken into consideration, in accordance with the nature of the services they will provide, as well as all the building materials that were subject to engineering and health examination and all are in conformity with the required specifications."
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