The ground preparation work for the Al-Hayat Building project in Baghdad has reached its final stages.

The ground preparation work for the Fifth Hayat Building project, dedicated to treating people with corona in the capital, Baghdad, has reached its final stages, and the land area of ​​5000 square meters is ready to implement the rest of the works, respectively.
This was reported to the al-Kafeel Global Network, by the resident engineer of the project; Karar Brihi, adding: “The work included taking the general levels and measurements of the project in terms of its dimensions, and defining them within the allocated area of ​​Ibn Al-Qaf Hospital on the Rusafa side of the capital Baghdad, in addition to calculating the height of what will be added of soil and sand mixed with gravel, which was preceded by the work of preparing and cleaning the mentioned area for the project. "
He explained: "These soil and sand were added within the specifications required to accomplish such project,. And thank God, the work has reached its final stages, after which we will conduct a comprehensive study of the area to find out its final levels and make it at one level, to be ready for the work of implementing the project's plan, on which some changes were made by the engineers of the Engineering Maintenance Department and the beneficiary, to make use of the total area of ​​the project."
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