Validation of the plans for the Fifth Hayat lobby Building in Baghdad with 118 single rooms over an area of 5000 square meters.

The Engineering Maintenance Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has announced the validation of the plan for the Fifth Lobby building project, which is being implemented by our staff in the capital, Baghdad, for the treatment of those infected with the Corona virus.
This is according to the statement of engineer Ali Salloum to al-Kafeel Network, adding: "During the past period we had discussions with the technical authorities in the Ministry of Health regarding the plan that we prepared for this building on 5000 square meter, which was approved by the beneficiary, after we have made some changes to the plan, to come up with a plan that is appropriate to the nature of the facility and the objectives sought from its establishment, and that it will begin to be projected to the ground after all the ground preparation work are completed.
Salloum added: "As for the (5000) square meters allocated for the project, and as planned, it will be invested to create (118) single rooms in addition to bathrooms and a waiting hall, as follows:
- The building's management room.
- A secretarial room.
- Three rooms for medical staff.
- Two dressing rooms for workers.
- A bathroom for medical staff.
- Inquiries to organize and conduct the affairs of patients and workers.
- A waiting room including a bathroom.
- A room for testing patients.
- A room for sterilization of working staff.
- A room to be used as a store.
- Two rooms for storing medical and therapeutic materials.
- Two rooms to destroy harmful substances and waste.
- Four rooms for storing and preserving the materials needed by the building.
- A room for pathological analyzes.
- A food preparation room.
- Control room for electricity and building systems.
- (118) single rooms (suites) of 15,75 square meters each. "
Salloum emphasized that: "It was carefully taken account in the aforementioned, all health and medical measures that are similar to what is done in similar medical buildings."
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