What’s the First Cultural Week Festival, & why the secretariats-General of the Imam Hussein & El-Abbas hold such activities

The First Cultural Week is planned to be held in many countries, the first station it was started with was in Lebanon and the second one in Khuzestan. The plan suggested by brainstorming about the creativity to participate in the International Cultural Martyrdom Spring Festival, add it was concluded by holding festivals in many countries in order to spread the benefit of knowledge to all the societies.

Why do the Secretariat-General hold such activities?

It is obvious for whoever follows the course of the holy shrines in Kerbala’ city that became a cynosure which always pursues to promulgate the original creed and spread the culture of the Islamic unity.

All these means to let the whole world informed of the revolution of Imam Hussein (p.b.u.h), and how the holy shrines important socially, politically and nationally.
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