Sterilization of the work site of the Fourth Hayat Building project in Karbala in order to preserve the safety of workers and the used materials.

The preventive team under the supervision of the Medical Affairs Division at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, began to sterilize the site of the Fourth Hayat Lobby building project for the treatment of people affected by the Corona virus, which is implemented by the staff of the Engineering Maintenance Department for the benefit of the Health Department of Karbala within the medical city of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him), as a humanitarian gesture to increase the clinical capacity and to release the momentum that may occur in the hospital lobbies.
The engineer of the project, Mohammed Mustafa Al-Taweel, told Al-Kafeel Network, saying: "For the safety of our staff working in such projects located near hospitals or other Hayat lobbies, which makes them - God forbid - vulnerable to the transmission of diseases, whether by the epidemic of corona or others, and as a precautionary and preventive measure, the preventive team started a campaign to sterilize the project and the staffs working in it, using materials provided by Khair Al-Joud Company, under the direct supervision of the Medical Affairs Division at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, where the process was completed for all working staffs in specific proportions determined by the authorities in what contributes to achieving public safety for them."
He added: "The campaign included sterilizing the surrounding and adjacent areas of the work site, in addition to all the materials that will be involved in construction work of the project, to ensure their health validity after it has been confirmed that they comply with technical and engineering specifications, and that these works are carried out periodically according to a schedule prepared for this purpose, aiming the protection and safety of workers in addition to disinfection and sterilization of the materials used in the construction of the project."
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