Starting the work of installing the steel parts of the Hayat building project in Baghdad.

Work is still ongoing on the Fifth Hayat Lobby building project for treating people with the Corona virus, which is implemented by the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine by the staffs of the Engineering Maintenance Department, as a humanitarian gesture from them to increase the clinical capacity in the capital, Baghdad, to accommodate the increasing numbers of people infected with this virus and support health institutions.

According to Eng. Karar Brihi, one of the engineers implementing the project, he said: “The work is carried out according to the planned design, implementation and time. As after finishing pouring the concrete foundations of the project in the first part of it, which area is (1377) square meters, our staffs started directly the next stage, which is installing the steel parts of the structure, as a prelude to another stage that will include fixing the sections of (the sandwich panel).

He added: "Despite the difficulty of accessing raw materials to the project site, due to the preventive curfew, the high temperatures, and the lack of working staffs, as the department staffs are working simultaneously in other projects to create lobbies in both the province of Al Muthanna and Karbala. Despite all of this, and thanks to the blessings of our master Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him), we are moving forward to complete the project as soon as possible. "

Brihi explained: "The work of cutting the iron parts is carried out on site after the necessary measurements have been taken for this part, which consists of (56) single rooms, in addition to that, there are works that are conducted in parallel in other parts of the project, such as the preparation works for the ground, wooden works, infrastructure and sewage pipes and others. "
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