The works of the fourth Hayat building to treat those with corona virus in Karbala, are nearing completion.

The works of the Fourth Hayat Building for the treatment of those affected by the Corona virus, which is implemented by the staffs of the Engineering Maintenance Department in the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, are nearing completion, so that it is ready to operate within the timelines specified for it and at the disposal of the Health Department of Karbala, in order to contribute to absorbing the increase of the number of infected ones in the governorate and providing treatment services for them.
The engineer of the project, Mohamed Mustafa Al-Taweel, briefed the al-Kafeel Network on the latest work currently taking place. He stated, “With the praise of God Almighty and the blessings of those who honored us by serving him; Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him), and with the efforts of the workers who continued to work day and night, we reached this stage of the project, which is the final finishing work stage, according to the technical and medical specifications assigned to it, as the secondary building roofs were completed in its first and second parts with their accessories from ceiling fans and lighting, as well as the work of the entire electrical system, as well as the completion of Base coating (the first layer) of the walls to prepare them for the final paintwork, using special environmentally friendly paints and appropriate colors."
He added: "One of the works that has been completed is installing the doors and windows of the building rooms, as well as the completion of the work of the front façade of the building according to the planned paths that have been paved with muqarnas tiles, in addition to making designated areas as gardens to add aesthetic, in addition to the completion of the work of the air intake system, which is a system that works to draw air from the building and put it out, after it has been treated with a special mechanism that ensures that no viruses or microbes are transmitted to the outside. Also, the completion of the installation of the external cooling system (Split Unit), a system that is used when needed or when the building is used for other purposes after then end of this epidemic, God willing, because the ventilation and cooling of the building depends on a special system that works to push clean air (AIR FRESH), after it has been filtered and pushed with a degree of cooling that is appropriate to the condition and needs of the patients, and their achievement rates have reached more than 85%. "
Al-Taweel continued: "Work is currently underway to cover the building from the outside with a special material that provides thermal insulation and aesthetic at the same time, which is the cork stone. The completion rate reached 70%, moreover we have prepared the floor of the building and processed it for the purpose of preparing it for epoxy coating."
Noting: "The staffs of the Engineering Maintenance Department and through its technical workshops are currently working on preparing the furniture for these rooms, which will be completed once the building works are concluded."
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