The completion of the floor foundations of the third part of the Al-Hayat Building project in Baghdad.

The staffs of the Engineering Maintenance Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine have completed concrete casting works for the foundations of the third part of the Fifth Hayat Building project for treating people with the Corona virus, which is implementing as a humanitarian gesture to support medical efforts, and to increase the clinical capacity to accommodate the increasing number of the affected people with Covid 19 in the capital Baghdad, within the Ibn al-Qaf Hospital at the side of Rusafa.
According to the engineer Ali Al-Har, one of the engineers supervising the implementation of the project: “The third part area is more than (1000) square meters. It is the last part of the project which total area is 5000 square meters. According to its plans, it includes (19) rooms, some are designated for insulation and others are designated as administrative and service rooms for the building, as well as two bathrooms, one for men and another for women, in addition to a hall for reception and a store."
Noting: "The concrete materials were treated with special materials appropriate to the nature of the project, and then the transition to another stage by installing the iron structure for this part according to the measurements taken previously, in addition to starting the infrastructure work for sanitation. "
Al-Har stressed at the end of his speech: "The staffs of our department working in this project, including engineers, technicians and craftsmen, are making exceptional efforts, in order to finish this project as soon as possible, to contribute to treating people affected by this epidemic. And given the extent of the space allocated to it, we divide it into parts, in order to ensure the smooth work process. And thank God, the works are conducted accordingly, and we spared no effort to achieve what we aspired to."
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