A medical team at Al-Kafeel Hospital succeeds in treating a young man who suffers from complicated femoral fractures.

A medical team specializing in orthopedics and fractures at Al-Kafeel Specialized Hospital has announced its success in treating a young man of twenty years old suffering from many complicated fractures in the left thigh bone.
Dr. Ihsan Faraj, a doctor in the hospital, said: "Our medical team succeeded in treating a twenty years old patient who suffers from complicated fractures and deviations in the left leg, as a result of performing a number of failed operations in other hospitals."
He added: "We carried out a specific process by which the thigh bone was cut and modified, and a new bone was implanted to restore the knee function."
Dr. Faraj explained, "The patient had a fracture that was fixed externally, which leads to the difficulty of healing."
He explained: "The modern medical techniques found in Al-Kafeel Hospital helped a lot in the operation, and the patient was able to stand on his feet again after only 24 hours of the operation."
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