Starting the work of the Iron Structure for the first part of the Seventh Hayat Building project for treating people with coronavirus in Babylon Province.

The staffs of the Engineering Maintenance Department in the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine began fixing the sections of the Iron Structure in the first part of the Seventh Hayat Building project for treating people with coronavirus in Babylon Governorate, which is located within the vicinity of the medical city of Marjan, after the completion of the concrete works of the floor and the foundations of this Section.
This is what the engineer Ali Al-Har, one of the engineers of the project explained to the al-Kafeel Network, adding: "The project works - as a result of our staff experiences in setting up such projects - go according to the technical and time plans, and according to the work plan developed by the Engineering Maintenance Department that led to the division of the project into several parts, as we started the work of installing sections of the iron structure for the first part of the project, which has an area of ​​(800) square meters and includes (42) single rooms, of the total project area of ​​(3500) square meters that includes (98) single rooms and more than (20) medical and service rooms and a waiting hall for patients."
He explained: "Other works are being performed, including drilling corridors for the main pipes of sewage with the wiring of the bathrooms for this part. With regard to the second part, which resembles the first part in its area and design, all of its preparations for casting concrete foundations have been completed, as its reinforcing mesh was extended, and its wooden block was completed. "
Noting: "The cutting work was carried out in the field according to measurements taken previously, where we installed it according to the scheme of this part and that the work is carried out within the timings prepared for it, and the stage of installing the iron structure is considered one of the most important stages, because it is the starting point for what will follow. And all the materials included in the work have been subjected to laboratory examination from a technical and medical point of view to ensure their suitability for such a structure. "
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