Diagnosis of cancers in the al-Kafeel specialized laboratories for a period not exceeding (15) minutes.

The histological examination unit in the laboratory of the Kafeel Specialized Hospital possesses modern medical techniques that give fast and accurate results for the histological examination of cancerous cases.
The official of the aforementioned unit, Dr. Nizar Jabbar, said: "The histological and cellular examination unit in the hospital has been operating since the hospital was opened, and it is in continuous development and includes a number of medical expertise and high-quality technologies."
Jabbar added: "The unit is unique from other units of histological examination in the remaining laboratories, by having a technique (frozen cutting) that gives the results of the transplant within (15 to 20) minutes, which is the period of the patient's presence in the operating theater."
He explained: "The results of this technique diagnose the type of cancer whether it is malignant or benign, and these results are approved by the surgeon in determining the course of the operation."
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