The al-Kafeel Specialized Hospital doctors succeed in treating a girl from Basrah suffering from hematoma on the face, free of charge and without surgical intervention.

A medical team specializing in maxillofacial surgery at the al-Kafeel Specialized Hospital has announced its success in treating a girl from Basrah who was suffering from a hematoma in her face.
The treating doctor, Dr. Radwan Al-Ta’i said: “Our medical team succeeded in treating a child from Basra Governorate, who was suffering from congenital deformity in the veins of the face (venous malformation), and that the treatment method was not surgical, but rather using topical injection in the affected area.”
Al-Ta’i concluded: "This tumor is a congenital malformation that continues to grow with age, causing a distortion in the affected area, and its danger lies in the event of a wound in the affected area, leading to the occurrence of severe bleeding with a large amount of blood loss, as well as it causes an unacceptable appearance for the face. "
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