A medical team at Al-Kafeel Hospital treats a child suffering from severe obstetric anomalies free of charge.

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Specialized Hospital announced its success in treating a girl (8 years old) from Najaf, who was suffering from severe birth defects represented by a orofacial cleft, and a short bone in the upper jaw, which symptoms began to appear day after day until the hospital undertook two surgeries for her and which were successful.
One of the members of the team supervising the two operations, Dr. Muammar Al-A’raji, a specialist in facial and maxillofacial surgery in the hospital, explained: “After the case was presented to us and the completion of all necessary examinations and procedures, it was found that the child suffers from having a orofacial cleft, and a deficiency in the maxillary bone, which led to her inability to speak and pronounce letters correctly, and as a result, we formed a specialized medical team to carry out the two operations. "
He added: "There were two operations, both of which were free of charge, and during which we were able to close the mouth palate and the cleft connecting the oral cavity to the nose, and arrange the external appearance."
Emphasizing at the conclusion of his speech, “The shape of the child’s face, Zainab Sabah, differed greatly from what was before the two operations, in addition to being able to pronounce very well, and gradually she will be like her peers after that the parts of the mouth have grown naturally,” noting that: “Hospital techniques and equipment and experience of its medical and nursing staff are factors that have combined to achieve such distinguished medical successes. "
It is noteworthy that the medical team consisted of: (Dr. Muammar Al-Araji, a specialist in maxillofacial surgery, and Dr. Alaa Al-Sharifi, a specialist in plastic surgery).
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