The mechanism of work in the "Yaseen" ablution site in the cemetery for the victims of the Corona pandemic.

The staffs of the Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) Fighting Squad (Brigade / 26 Popular Mobilization) continue their work in the "Yaseen" ablution site, which is specialized in washing and burying the deceased with the Coronavirus.
The official in the ablution site, Ahmed Ne'meh, said: “The ablution site includes a cadre of men and women to complete the work of washing and shrouding,” indicating: “The majority of those in charge of the ablution are heroes who have come to fulfill the call of the Religious Authority to fight the ISIL terrorist organization, and there is a female cadre of volunteers from different governorates.”
He added, “All ablution services are provided free of charge because it is supported by the al-Abbas's holy shrine,” explaining: “If the deceased owns a private plot of land, he is buried in it with the help of the Squad’s volunteers, and if he does not own a plot of land, then the Squad will bury him in an area of ​​land of seven dunums were allocated by the local government for this purpose.
As for the member of the supervising committee, Ali Abd Al-Rahim Ahmed, he said: “Those in charge work as a beehive from (9) in the morning until (6) in the evening, to provide the materials required for the process of washing and shrouding, which continues until 2 am." Indicating that:" The process of receiving the bodies is carried out in coordination with the Karbala Health Department and the rest of the health departments in the governorates, "explaining that:" The details of the death certificate and the information of the deceased are fully recorded by two teams, the first is concerned with the management process and the other handles the washing, shrouding and the funeral, as the second team includes clerics to supervise that process, and then the body is sent to its final resting place, where the Squad also performs recommended acts for burial."
The volunteers in the ablution site confirmed that they are from all governorates, and they provide their services in this difficult circumstance as a humanitarian and legal duty, not different from the previous religious authority’s call to serve the nation and the people, praying God Almighty to ward off the scourge and the epidemic soon.
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