Governor of Muthanna: The completion of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, a building for the treatment of people with Coronavirus, sent a message of reassurance to the people of the governorate.

The governor of Al-Muthanna, Mr. Ahmed Manafi, confirmed that the governorate’s dream of constructing a building for the treatment of people with Coronavirus has been achieved by the cadres of the al-Abbas's holy shrine, as this building will contribute to increasing the clinical capacity to receive cases affected by the novel virus, and will support the efforts of the governorate health department and its medical staff, sending a message of reassurance to the governorate's citizens under these circumstances.
The Muthanna governor has honored the work team of the Maintenance and Engineering Construction Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, in charge of completing the Sixth Hayat Building, which work is nearing completion, in the Governorate office.
He added: “I extend my thanks and appreciation on behalf of the people of the Governorate of Muthanna to the al-Abbas's holy shrine and its cadres working on this project, which reached this advanced stage of work in a short period and with high-quality specifications, which increased the reassurance of the health department in the governorate in case there's an increase in the affected patients - God forbid -. This building will be an addition to our health facilities, thanks to the al-Abbas's holy shrine that has fingerprints in many governorates, and it is nice to see such projects being implemented with Iraqi expertise and hands, defying all circumstances with high morale and will. "
For his part, Engineer Samir Abbas, head of the Maintenance and Engineering Construction Department who was present at this honorary meeting, explained: “This honor came for the exceptional efforts made by the cadres of our department in order to complete this project, within what is planned in time and according to its technical and medical specifications, thanks to the persistence of these staffs, whether in this project or in the projects they have previously implemented or are currently being implemented, including this building that is nearing completion and will enter service during the next few days. And the governor praised these efforts."
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