Installing cooling, ventilation and air-conditioning systems with high-quality specifications in the first and third Educational Complex.

The head of the engineering projects department at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, Eng. Dia Majid Al-Sayegh, stated to Al-Kafeel Network about these systems, saying: “The first and third educational complex project in Al-Ma'malji area includes a set of systems in which work is carried out in parallel with the construction works. And the cooling, ventilation and Air conditioning are part of the most important of these systems, with a total capacity of (2,500 tons) distributed to all the buildings and facilities of the project, according to the needs of each building, taking into consideration future expansions."
He added, "Three systems have been installed:
The first: the cooling system, which is a type of (VRF) brand (Mitsubishi) with Thai origin. 90% of the external parts installed for one school and 95% of the internal parts for two schools have been completed.
The second: the air-conditioning system, which is a package-Unit system of Italian origin. Its parts have been installed in the project's gymnasium, and the rate of achievement has reached 95%.
The third: the ventilation system, which is a (DX unit) of Italian origin, and its completion rate has reached more than 95% for all project buildings."
It is noteworthy that this project is being built on an area estimated at (45,000 square meters), and it consists of five schools, on three floors, two kindergartens, consisting of three floors, an area of ​​(900) square meters, and two sports halls on (900) square meters each.
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