The library of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine participates in the Sudanese Association for Libraries and Information conference.

The library of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine of its Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs, represented by the Digital Information Center, participated in the first virtual scientific conference of the Sudanese Association for Libraries and Information / Scientific Affairs Secretariat, which is held in cooperation with the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information under the slogan: (Services of information institutions in crises .. Requirements - Challenges - visions of development and future prospects).
Participation was through the presentation of a research entitled: (The Role of the Iraqi Digital Repository in Supporting E-Learning), presented in the fifth scientific session by Professor Ammar Hussein Al-Jawad, Director of the Digital Information Center.
Professor Ammar Al-Jawad spoke to Al-Kafeel network, saying: “Our research was included in the third axis of the conference (the role of institutional digital repositories in supporting e-learning and the acquisition of the best applications and practices to help in this), where the topic of the Iraqi digital repository of dissertations and university theses was addressed, which is one of the projects that the center has adopted for the role it plays in supporting e-learning. The research included two frameworks for the study:
- The theoretical framework: in which the study problem related to the difficulty of obtaining electronic resources in light of the Corona pandemic was clarified, and the study sample represented by the Iraqi digital repository that was built and managed by the Digital Information Center was presented and given a brief overview of it.
- The application framework: the mechanism for linking the remote resource lending service and the Iraqi digital repository was discussed in it, and an explanation was given on how to help the public of beneficiaries to access the resources they need.
He explained: "At the end of the research, the results that we reached through the research as well as a set of recommendations were presented as we believe are the responsibility of information centers in the Arab world to support the educational process of the country."
It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Digital Repository for Dissertations & Theses is a non-profit website that aims to collect and arrange dissertations and messages that have been discussed in Iraqi universities since the establishment of graduate studies in them, and their inclusion in one site that represents the advanced Iraqi intellectual production, while enabling everyone to fully or partially benefit from the website's services through the following link: (
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