Representation of the Hussaini Processions in Basra: More than (1970) service processions participate in the service of the Arba’een visitors.

The representation of Hussaini processions in Basra governorate, affiliated to the Hussaini rituals and processions department in the holy shrines of Imam al-Hussayn and al-Abbas (peace be upon both of them), announced that the number of processions participating in the service of the visitors of Ziyarat Arba'een this year reached more than (1970) service processions, registered in the database of the Processions and Representation Department.
This is according to what was revealed to the al-Kafeel network, representation official Haj Munther Hamid Nazal, who added: “There are twenty units within our representation, six of which are within the governorate and fourteen others are distributed among the administrative governorate units, which are spread from the most remote point in the governorate, which is Al-Faw, to the point of contact with the rest of the other southern governorates at the city district. These processions have taken the visitors' routes as a place to provide these services, taking into account the areas that witness dense visitor numbers."
He explained that: “As a result of the exceptional circumstance and situation in the country, the processions have intensified their preventive and sanitary measures in the services provided to visitors, in terms of sterilizing the place in addition to the use of utensils and cups of single use, taking into account the health conditions for preparing the meals that are distributed to them, as well as educational and guided tours for the accompanying processions to ensure compliance with health directives.
Indicating: “This year, the governorate witnessed an early movement of visitors towards the holy city of Karbala, and that the Hussaini service parades were not limited to the service and medical side only, but also had an active role in cooperation with the security and service authorities in the governorate, and after the visitors' journey in this governorate ended. The owners of these processions will go out on foot to have two honors, the honor of serving and the honor of Ziyarat."
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