El-Abbas holy shrine spreads 120 vehicles throughout Kerbala Province to transport pilgrims

On the occasion of the blessed birthday of the Awaited Imam El-Mehdi, (May Allah hasten his reappearance), Division of Vehicles of the El-Abbas holy shrine has designated 120 vehicles for 24 hours transporting pilgrims whom have been flocking to Kerbala Province in order to perform the rituals of the current blessed month.

The vehicles are transporting pilgrims from the main gates of Kerbala Province to the downtown and vice versa. There have been water tankers designated to supply free water for pilgrims in addition to medical detachments moving around taking care of pilgrims.

Such a great pilgrimage considered the second most enormous one in Iraq. It's been mentioned that the previous year's pilgrimage was 6 million pilgrims.
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