With a capacity of 120 beds: The al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine inaugurates the Fifth Hayat building for treating people with Coronavirus and hands it over to the Ministry of Health.

This morning, Saturday (29th Safar 1442 AH) corresponding to (October 17, 2020), the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine inaugurated the Fifth Hayat Building project for treating people with coronavirus in the capital, Baghdad, and within the vicinity of Ibn al-Qaf Hospital of the Rusafa Health Department, after it was completed in a timely manner within the technical and medical specifications that are compatible with the purpose for which it was established, by the cadres of the Maintenance and Engineering Construction Department of the Holy Shrine, and within only 55 days and on an area of ​​more than (5000) square meters, and includes (120) beds distributed on the (118) rooms, in addition to (19) medical, administrative and service rooms, to be ready at the disposal of the governorate health department and the service of its people.

The opening and handover were attended by the Iraqi Minister of Health, Dr. Hassan Al-Tamimi, and a delegation representing the Al-Abbas's Holy Shrine, which included a number of members of its board of directors and heads of its departments, as well as the director of the Rusafa Health Department, representatives of the local government in the province, and the director of Ibn Al-Qaf Hospital.

The delegation of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine accompanied the minister and his accompanying delegation on a tour of the corridors of the building, and gave them a brief explanation of its specifications, and how the shrine's staffs were able to accomplish them in a record time of 55 days, despite all the circumstances that surrounded them.

After completing this tour, a press conference was held, attended by a group of satellite channels and audio-visual, readable and broadcast news agencies, in which the Minister began his response to the journalists' questions by praising the al-Abbas's holy shrine and its great role in confronting this epidemic, including the completion of the Fifth Hayat Building.

In turn, a member of the Board of Directors of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, Prof. Dr. Abbas Rashid Al-Mousawi, stated that the construction of the Fifth Hayat building in the capital, Baghdad, to treat people with the Corona epidemic, as a gift for the Iraqi citizen, standing with him in light of these difficult circumstances.

The head of the maintenance and engineering construction department at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, for his part, reviewed the most important features of the Fifth Hayat building and its details, which were implemented by the cadres of his department in record time and in exceptional conditions and technical and medical specifications of high quality.

While the director of the Rusafa Health Department, Dr. Abdul-Ghani Al-Saadi, confirmed that this building, which was built by the staffs of the al-Abbas's holy shrine, is a pride for all our health staff in the ministry and all of the Iraqi people, for the services it will provide, whether in light of this pandemic or after its end.

It is noteworthy that the Fifth Hayat Building is considered one of the largest buildings constructed by the al-Abbas's (peace be upon him) holy shrine, and it is one of seven buildings carried out by the staff of the Maintenance and Engineering Construction Department in the al-Abbas's (peace be upon him) holy shrine, in each of the governorate of Babylon and another in the province of Muthanna, and two in the medical city of Hussein (peace be upon him), and one was in Al-Hindiyah General Hospital in Karbala Governorate, and a building that was implemented for the Commander of the Faithful Hospital (peace be upon him) in the Najaf Governorate, all of which came in compliance with the recommendations of the religious authority and under the direct guidance of the Senior Officer of the Al-Abbas’s Holy Shrine, His Eminence Sayed. Ahmad Al-Safi, to support the health staff in confronting the Corona epidemic.
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