Conclusion of the research sessions in English of the al-Ameed Fifth International Conference.

The third and last research sessions in English of the al-Ameed Fifth International Scientific Conference, held by the al-Ameed International Center for Research and Studies of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's Holy Shrine, was concluded today; Saturday 6th Rabi' Awal 1442 AH, corresponding to October 24, 2020. The research sessions, which witnessed an active participation from inside and outside Iraq, were centered on research related to developing and updating scientific and research curricula.
The session was chaired by Professor Haider Ghazi Al-Mousawi and included four papers, the first of which was entitled (Effective Patterns in Curriculum Development) by Dr. Hani Al-Abadi from Iraq.
The second research is entitled (The effectiveness of English language tests for the third intermediate grade) by Assistant Professor Warka Awad Al-Waili from Iraq.
This was followed by the third research entitled (Curriculum design for a homogenous and productive society) by the researcher Jessica Ashe from USA.
The session concludes with the fourth research entitled (The Hidden Power of Curricula) by Dr. Sherry Williamson, a writer of the children's world.
After that, Professor Haidar Al-Mousawi thanked the researchers and the participants for their valuable research. On their part, the participants in the conference expressed their gratitude and thanks to those in charge of the success of this conference, despite the circumstances that led to holding it online.
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