Pilgrimage of the Fifteenth of Sha'ban month finishes & pilgrims farewells the holy shrines hoping coming again

El-Abbas holy shrine
The rituals of the pilgrimage have been conducted joyfully where all services have been offered free for pilgrims. With the participation of volunteers and the Directorate of Health of Kerbala Province, a great and keen process has been followed in managing the pilgrimage successfully by controlling the pedestrian traffic and supplying other services such as food, water and some other needs.

The vehicles of the Imam Hussein and El-Abbas holy shrines have been designated to transport pilgrims from inside the old town of Kerbala Province to the boundaries in order to help them return home after great burdens they had made by coming to Kerbala Province.

It's been mentioned that the pilgrimage of the Fifteenth of Sha'ban month considered the second greatest one after the pilgrimage of the Fortieth the commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him). It's also been mentioned that more than 17 million pilgrims from Iraq and 71 other countries had attended this year to joyfully participate in the greatest occasion of the blessed birthday of the Awaited Imam El-Mehdi, (May Allah hasten his reappearance).

Such an occasion distinctive with millions of people happily come by air, land or even walking for hundreds of kilometers in return for an incomparable divine reward and in order to share the bliss with Ahlulbait (Peace be upon them) on such an occasion.
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