The International Committee of the Red Cross: The commandments of the supreme religious authority are a document of peace for all spectrums and components of society.

The head of the sub-mission of the International Red Cross in the province of Najaf, Mrs. Maryam Lea Miller, confirmed that the recommendations issued by the supreme religious authority, His Eminence Sayed Ali Al-Husseini Al-Sistani, during the war waged by the people of Iraq to regain their usurped land from ISIL terrorist gangs, are considered a peace document for all spectrums of the Iraqi people. And she suggested including it in the school curricula, whether in Iraq or outside it.

Mrs. Miller, accompanied by a delegation from the mission, visited the headquarters of the Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) Fighting Squad, 26th Popular Mobilization Brigade, where they were received by its commander, Maytham al-Zaidi.

The two sides exchanged talks about a number of issues and matters pertaining to the committee's work. Al-Zaidi reviewed the most important humanitarian effort that the Squad had made, in addition to its efforts to contribute to preserving the country's security.

Emphasizing: "The Squad works in two parallel lines; a humanitarian line that cares about the humanitarian aspects, such as supporting and helping displaced and poor families, and supporting government institutions interested in providing services to the citizen. And the security line, as it works to secure and provide security in this country according to the districts, in which its forces are deployed."

Indicating also that the Squad is ready to cooperate and offer assistance to the mission in all the districts in which its forces are deployed.

At the end of the meeting, the delegation extended its thanks and praise to the Squad for its cooperation, whether in the Squad's districts or in the rest of the governorates, in addition to praising the positions of the Al-Abbas Squad and its previous cooperation with the committee, through holding various conferences and activities in the humanitarian field.

It is to note that soon, there will be a conference to demonstrate the work of this committee in calling for peace and avoiding wars and conflicts.
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