The al-Ameed Magazine publishes its latest issue for the year 2020.

The al-Ameed International Center for Research and Studies of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has published the latest issue (thirty-sixth) of the year 2020 of the al-Ameed International Magazine, which is a quarterly magazine concerned with various human research and studies.

This issue carried ten research papers in the English language.

Regarding this issue, the two advisory and editorial bodies stated: Since its inception, the al-Ameed Magazine has started publishing important research within the frameworks of knowledge and culture that deal with contemporary issues in various fields. So it was the focus of attention of researchers and university professors, because of the positive interaction they found in it between readers and the magazine, thanks to its broad horizons and the diversity of research trends in it, adopting heritage research, anthropology, psychological, intellectual, linguistic and critical research, adhering to quality controls and the conditions of sound methodology, creativity and development. This approach enabled it to rank high in the classification of local and Arab magazines. Academic theses were written about its research, and thinkers and researchers studied its systems of publication, evaluation and classification and methodology in editing.

They added: This level was not the ultimate aspiration of the supervisors of the magazine, but rather their horizons of thinking extended to farther ranges, so that the magazine would take its way to the international publishing fields and be a scientific source in the libraries of Europe, America and various countries of the world, by adopting the English language as another language than Arabic for writing in the magazine, in order for the magazine to attract researchers from around the world. This was embodied in this distinguished issue by its file entitled (Systematic Education and its positive implications), by its research that was distributed on topics in the advanced methodology, educational and intellectual issues, psychology, and other topics of researchers from many countries, such as: USA, Canada, UK, and Arab countries, in addition to Iraq."

They concluded: There is no doubt that this approach in planning and practice gives the magazine vital energies to publish the latest developments in science and knowledge produced by international research centers, institutes and universities, and makes it qualified to create a network of knowledge relations that brings together all the developed trends and theories, to be, in the future, a center of scientific and cultural radiance for all research that keeps pace with technological and intellectual developments in the world, and follows the latest innovations, theories and new approaches. This places the responsibility of the magazine on building bridges of communication with researchers and research centers and studies, to enrich global thought with modern developments in all specializations. Thus, to achieve this ambition, the supervisors of the magazine promise to open the magazine's doors to receive the research of all researchers and creators, and to develop future plans for the development of the magazine's policy in evaluation, classification and publishing mechanisms, by creating joint relationships with international distribution channels and publishing houses based on the goals of the magazine, to be the gateway to knowledge and science for each Intellectuals in the world, which responds the needs of the readers in different languages ​​using all possible modern means, and bypassing the barriers of stereotyping and stagnation in editing, publishing and distribution. To achieve this, the magazine is required to make all efforts and develop working methods in a systematic way to fulfill the desires of its readers and followers around the world.
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