Crowds of people commemorating the first night of El-Qedr (Quran revelation) Nights at the Imam Hussein & El-Abbas holy shrines

A view of the rituals
Among those who sincerely genuflecting, prostrating, supplicating and reciting Noble Quran, the incomparable and indescribable spirituality pervade everything in the Imam Hussein and El-Abbas holy shrines which can directly be felt by great rituals being offered by the faithful and pilgrims in order to commemorate the El-Qedr (Quran revelation) night which is one of the best nights ever.

The employees have offered the best services for the large number of the faithful and pilgrims commemorating the anniversary of the Night of (Quran revelation) known as Lailetol-Qedr, by staying up the whole night praying, supplicating, reciting Noble Quran and seeking forgiveness of Almighty Allah.

It's been mentioned that additional services had been provided to the pilgrims on that night in order to facilitate offering rituals easily.
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