The opening of the exhibition hall of the Al-Kafeel Museum after its most extensive maintenance and rehabilitation process.

Al-Kafeel Museum opened its doors to receive its visitors after the completion of the most extensive process of rehabilitating the museum exhibition hall and its collections since its establishment.

The Museum hall has a new look after the staff of the museum department finished all the works, which will contribute to preserving the contents of this hall and showing it in the most beautiful way, as they are rare antiques and heritage collections dating back to different periods.

The head of the museum department, Mr. Sadiq Lazim Al-Zaidi, stated to the al-Kafeel network, saying: “Rehabilitation and maintenance work is among the priorities of work in any museum, including the museum exhibition hall of the al-Kafeel Museum, as we have prepared for this purpose a special schedule for these works, but this campaign was special as it was expanded and included all parts of the hall, whether the exhibits, the systems and other supplies. "

He added, "The maintenance and rehabilitation campaign carried out by the department's cadres was conducted according to a well-thought-out plan, and included the following:

  • Ø The carpet of the old hall’s floor was removed and replaced by a new carpet with special color and specifications compatible with the exhibited antiques.
  • Ø Cleaning the hall floor and treating it with special materials to preserve and maintain it.
  • Ø Repairing and maintaining some museum display bills and replacing the parts that are worn out.
  • Ø Changing the locations of some holdings to new display locations.
  • Ø A comprehensive cleaning of all the museum's holdings under the supervision of a specialized staff and using special materials.
  • Ø Repainting some areas that need to be painted, whether in showcases or walls.
  • Ø Comprehensive maintenance of the electrical system, including lighting and wiring that feeds the museum hall, and replacing the damaged parts.
  • Ø Maintenance of the museum's main exhibition stand.
  • Ø Sustaining the ancient carpets displayed in the museum.

It is noteworthy that the museum exhibit hall of the Al-Kafeel Museum of treasures and manuscripts is located on the right side of the Qibla gate of the shrine of Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him), and it is considered one of the modern and sophisticated halls, whether because of its holdings and antiques or thanks to the adopted way of display, which is similar to the methods adopted in its global peers. Its administration is working hard to keep pace with any development witnessed in the international museum field.
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