For the first time in Iraq: Khair Al-Joud Fertilizers Factory exports its products to Arab countries.

Khair Al-Joud Company for Modern Agricultural and Industrial Technology announced that it had exported tens of tons of its products to Arab countries, after it had proven the efficiency of its product and the accuracy of its synthetic combination comparable to its Arab and international counterparts.

Thus, the company's fertilizer factory is the first Iraqi factory to export its fertilizers' production abroad, and was able to set a step in restoring the Iraqi industrial identity at the hands of Iraqi expertise.

The director of the company, Engineer Maytham Al-Bahadli, explained to the Al-Kafeel network, saying: “The results achieved by the products of the company's fertilizer plant were positive, and they proved successful for the Iraqi farmer and were able to increase his production yield, as they are manufactured with environmentally friendly and safe formulations and materials for human consumption. And we have products that suit all needs of agricultural crops according to their seasons. The first countries to which our products were exported were two Arab countries, with the hope that they would expand in the coming days to include other Arab countries."

He added, "The users of these fertilizers have achieved booms in their agricultural production at a double rate, due to the formulas and purity of the company’s blend, which are based on solid scientific foundations and manufactured with high precision and science."

It is noteworthy that the factory has four production lines, three of which produce fertilizers, and the fourth line is devoted to the production of bio-pesticides.

It is noteworthy that the product is available at the direct sales outlets of the company in Karbala Governorate and outside it, and for inquiries, please call the number:

(+964 7801930125) or (+964 7801035422).
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