Al-Kafeel University invites researchers and academics to participate in its third international scientific conference.

Al-Kafeel University, affiliated to the Education and Higher Education Authority at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, invited researchers and academics to participate in its third international scientific conference, to be held for the period from (22) to (23) March 202 in the university, so they can participate with their scientific research contributions in each of the fields of science. Engineering, as well as medical specialties.

The university presidency stated that the conference is being held in cooperation with the Al-Ameed University, Al-Kafeel Hospital and the Malaysian National University (UKM), and that the research will be published in reputable international magazines using SCOPUS database, as shown below:

  • Journals in science and engineering disciplines: • Materials Science Forum (CiteScore: 0.7, ISSN: 0255-5476) • AIP Conference Proceedings (CiteScore: 0.6, ISSN: 0094-243X) 2
  • Journals in medical specialties: • International Journal of Applied Pharmaceutics (CiteScore: 1.0, ISSN: 0975-7058) • International Medical Journal (CiteScore: 0.2, ISSN: 1341-2051)

The publishing fees for science and engineering majors are ($ 125). For postgraduate students from these majors, the fees are ($ 100), and ($ 300) for medical specialties, and ($ 250) for postgraduate students from these majors.

For researchers wishing to evaluate the conference’s research, enter the link below to fill in the information form for evaluators from the scientific and engineering disciplines:

And for medical assessors:

Note that the evaluators will receive a letter issued by the university confirming that the researcher has conducted the scientific evaluation process.

For more information, visit the special conference page by specialty:

- Conference link for Specializations in Science and Engineering:

- Conference link for Pharmacy and Dental Specialties:

Or by calling the following numbers: (WhatsApp) / +964 7808006002/ 7740000227.
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