El-Abbas holy shrine founds an African Religious Studies Center in Iraq

A view of the course
The Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs of the El-Abbas holy shrine announced founding an African Center for religious studies which deals with promulgating religious studies in African continent.

Mr. Aqeel Abdul Hussain El-Yasiri, the deputy head of the intellectual and Cultural Affairs Department stated that the center works on inviting the informers of Islam from Africa to come to Iraq in order teach and prepare them by granting them free courses on Islam at the jurisprudential schools in Najaf Province, and then send them back to their countries in order to start campaigns on promulgating Islam at the main date of promulgation which is on Remadan, Muharram, and Sufar months A.H.

The center is going to build a website on the internet in order to post all the activities and programs of the informers of Islam.

Mr. Hashim El-'Erdawi, the head of the center stated that three courses had alread been conducted, one of the courses was in Najaf Province, and two were held in Tanzania and Ivory Coast.

He also mentioned that about 100 students had graduated from the course and then been sent back to their counters to start their Islamic activities. the students were from Senegal, Madagascar, Comoro Islands, Ghana, Tanzania, and Nigeria.

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