Al-Kafeel Hospital performs thousands of operations and achieves high success rates.

Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital announced its success in conducting more than (5,000) five thousand neurosurgery operations, with a success rate of more than (98%).

The director of the hospital's operations department, Dr. Osama Abdel-Hassan, said: The hospital is distinguished by having modern operating theaters that had the role of encouraging doctors to perform operations that were not easy to perform inside Iraq in the past, stressing that they operate according to the International Quality System (I.S.O).

Dr. Abdul Hassan added: Many modern and qualitative operations were conducted far from the traditional surgery that was based on the surgical opening, buy by following alternative advanced techniques, including endoscopy, microscope and others, explaining that Iraqi, Arab and foreign medical teams with different specialties performed thousands of quality operations in the hospital with a very high success rate.

For his part, the specialist in neurosurgery at the hospital, Dr. Samer Faisal, stated: The hospital has achieved many great successes in removing brain tumors, as it has performed, within five years, more than (300) operations to remove brain tumors, and the success rates in them exceeded (94%), explaining that most of the operations of opening the brain was performed by the microscope technique, which shortens the time for the doctor and enable the patient to avoid many complications of the operation and thus the success of the operation. Indicating that one of the success factors for removing tumors in the hospital is the availability of the (freeze cutting) technique for analyzing tumor biopsies and diagnosing malignant and benign ones, to be approved by the surgeon in determining the course of the operation while he is inside the hall. Therefore this technique avoids performing more than one operation to treat the tumor.

He added: More than (5000) five thousand neurosurgery operations were performed in the neurosurgery theaters since the hospital’s opening until this year, with a success rate of more than 98%.

For his part, the specialist in neurosurgery and spine at the hospital, the Syrian doctor; Dr. Wael Qasem, explained: Our medical team has achieved great and qualitative successes in amending the scoliosis and repairing its deformities (deviation and convexity) for patients of all ages, indicating that Al-Kafeel Hospital is distinguished by this type of operation, thanks to its modern technologies and distinguished medical staff, which was an important factor in the success of such dangerous and complex operations.

Dr. Qasem added: We have performed many operations to treat the problems of herniated discs using the (microscope) technique, as well as the operations to repair fractured vertebrae by injection without surgical intervention, fixation of the vertebrae through the skin and implantation of cartilage using the minimally invasive method.
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