Iraqi Manuscripts House: We seek to strengthen cooperation with the al-Abbas’s (p) holy shrine in the field of manuscript heritage.

The director of the Iraqi Manuscripts House, Dr. Ahmad Al-‘Alyawi, affirmed during a visit taken by a delegation from the Manuscript Restoration Center and the Center for Manuscript Imaging and Indexing of the Library of the Holy Shrine to the Iraqi Manuscripts House, saying: “We seek to strengthen the bonds of cooperation and joint work with the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine in the field of manuscript heritage to contribute to preserving it and showing it in the most beautiful way, so that it is accessible to researchers and specialists in the heritage field as it is a national heritage. We also seek to exchange experiences between the two sides in this field. "

The two sides dealt with several matters, including holding courses in the field of cataloging and photocopying, and they discussed the participation of the centers concerned with manuscripts in the activities and events that the House holds, including the event of ( The Arab Manuscript Day ) which is to be held in the halls of the Iraqi National Museum in the beginning of April, and which will witness a wide presence and participation of heritage centers and institutions, and will include a display of the precious manuscripts.

The two sides discussed also opening wider prospects for cooperation in this field, because of its great importance in the history of Iraq.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Al-‘Alyawi thanked the members of the delegation for their presence, communication, and willingness to cooperate with the House, in the hope that these meetings would be repeated in the future.
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