The Media Training Center concludes the public relations course.

The Media Training Center of the Media Department of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine concluded the public relations course that it organized in cooperation with the Center for Continuing Education at the University of Baghdad, for a group of staffs of the Media Coordination Center in the aforementioned department, which lasted for five days.
The director of the center, Mr. Ali Al-Kaabi, told Al-Kafeel Network: “This course is one of a package of courses organized by the center for a number of media centers and divisions in the department, with the aim of raising the level of its staff and keeping them up-to-date with the development in their fields of work. A combination of interactive training techniques was used in this course, which included various educational tools to enable the participants to work effectively and efficiently. This course relied on four educational pillars: presentation, group exercises, discussions, presentation of videos and case studies."
He added: "The course aims to raise the efficiency of the staffs in the Media Coordination Center and develop their skills in communicating with other institutions, as well as to introduce the participant to the modern concept of corporate identity and the mental image that can be formed and marketed to the public, and to define the role of public relations in building that image, and also to identify the mechanisms of social marketing and training on using it in building the identity and mental image of the institution. "
On her part, the trainer in the course, Dr. Raya Qahtan Ahmed from the University of Baghdad, said: “The course included lectures on the concept of public relations, theories of influencing the public, and communication skills in dealing with the external audience of the institution, followed by exams for the trainees.
And there was interaction by the participants, as they asked many questions and ideas regarding the core of their tasks at the Holy Shrine, to increase their knowledge and apply them in the reality of their communication activities in the institution.
Stressing that: "By the end of this training program, the participant will be able to develop his skills in managing public relations and media work, equip him with the principles of protocol, and teach him the art of dealing with information technology."
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