Al-Ameed University and Karbala University enter into an agreement for scientific and academic cooperation.

Al-Ameed University, affiliated to the Education and Higher Education Commission at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, concluded a joint scientific and academic cooperation agreement with the University of Karbala during the visit of the President of the al-Ameed University; Prof. Dr. Muayad Al-Ghazali to the University of Karbala, with his assistants for scientific, administrative and legal affairs. They were received by the President of Karbala University; Professor Basem Khalil Al-Sa'idi.
Prof. Muayad Al-Ghazali said to Al-Kafeel Network: “The conclusion of this agreement came within the framework of supporting and improving cooperation and joint scientific exchange between the Al-Ameed and Karbala Universities, in order to develop the education system, supplement teaching staff and students with teaching experiences and raise the efficiency of scientific research, in addition to carrying out activities and events that benefit both sides in a way that contributes to the advancement of the educational and academic level, especially in light of the current circumstances in which the country and the world are living as a result of the repercussions of the Corona epidemic."
He added, "Al-Ameed University seeks to maintain contact and communication with other academic institutions, whether governmental or private ones, in order to exchange experiences and open up prospects for joint cooperation."
And: "The meeting also included talking about several scientific and practical matters that serve the scientific and educational reality, and the opening of new horizons of cooperation that serve the two institutions, at the forefront of which is the establishment of joint scientific and research programs."
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