In a symposium held by Alkafeel Center for Engineering Consultative Researches & Studies

Engineering Department head: 100 projects being adopted by the El-Abbas Holy Shrines

Engineer Dya' Mejeed Es-Sa'igh
A hundred projects have been adopted by the El-Abbas Holy Shrine due to the reliability of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine recognized by specialists. Said, Engineer Dya’ Mejeed Es-Sa’igh, the head of the Engineering Projects Department of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine.

He also said that a hundred projects is not an easy issue to handle, but fortunately, there is the entire requirement to have any project achieved according to the international standards. He added that one of the projects was the project being achieved in the El-Abbas Holy Shrine.

In the light of achieving so many important projects, the El-Abbas Holy Shrine founded an engineering center named (Alkafee Center for Researches and Studies). The center has 30 very qualified engineers in whom some of them are university teachers.

It’s been mentioned that 20 of 100 projects are to be achieved to the El-Abbas Holy Shrine.
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